Update: Stem Cell Therapy Is Successful For Star Baseball Pitcher

Back in May, I wrote about Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim pitching ace Garrett Richards, who suffered a high-grade tear of the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. At the time he chose to be treated with Stem Cell Therapy rather than the traditional Tommy John Surgery. The surgery would have sidelined Richards for as long as 18 months while he went through a grueling recovery. He would not have played again until 2018.

Extraordinary news

After just 12 weeks, Richards has been cleared to begin throwing a baseball! Using Stem Cell Therapy, he has healed sufficiently in just three months to withstand the intense physical rigors of major league baseball.

We have seen this before with other non-traditional, natural healing procedures that our elite doctors perform at NJ Pain Care Specialists. You may have seen my blogs or media reports on pro athletes, from Kobe Bryant to Peyton Manning, who used Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) to relieve acute or chronic pain to get back in action much faster than they might have with other treatments. Because professional athletes and their teams have access to the best care in the world at any cost, their faith in non-traditional procedures is an important vote of confidence for the types of care we offer our patients.

We perform Stem Cell Therapy as a natural way to treat people who suffer from a variety of painful conditions: Tennis elbow, knee pain, shoulder pain, Achilles injuries, degenerative disc disease and sports or overuse injuries. This simple outpatient or in office procedure eliminates the need for pain medications, and invasive reconstructive surgery with its lengthy recovery period.

The natural

During the Stem Cell procedure, our experienced doctors use a safe and relatively painless one-hour process to harvest adult stem cells from the millions that live in your body. The cells are extracted as fat from the Adipose tissue in your “love handles” or abdomen. Another source of stem cells used by other  practices is the bone marrow. The cells are processed and then injected into your problem area, where the natural healing process begins. The adult stem cells reproduce quickly and have the potential to rapidly restore and repair injured tissue and joints.

Following the procedure, you can go home the same day and experience minimal discomfort – similar to any other needle. You can return to your pre-procedure activity quickly. Results from stem cell treatment vary from patient to patient, and some patients require more than one treatment.

But that is very preferable to an 18-month ordeal.

Please contact New Jersey Pain Care Specialists to discuss what Stem Cell Therapy can do to get you back in your game.

At the present time, Stem Cell Therapy is not covered by medical insurance.