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Practice Philosophy

Dr. Bram and his staff at NJ Pain Care Specialists are dedicated to providing unsurpassed compassion and care, including the most accurate diagnoses and treatment – from the simplest to the most complicated acute or chronic pain. The necessary time is devoted to make you feel comfortable and confident. Dr. Bram explains:

“As it has always been since the start of my practice, patient care is not controlled by the clock, but by the need to give every one of my patients the attention required to properly and accurately diagnose his or her medical condition, and to develop the most effective and efficient treatment to eliminate or relieve pain. Setting a time limit on these determinations is not relevant and not the way medicine should be practiced.”

Dr. Bram’s philosophy is ingrained in the experienced and knowledgeable staff at NJ Pain Care Specialists. Staff members are concerned, caring and supportive of every patient – new or existing. We do our best to schedule the soonest and most convenient appointment time for your visit. We take the time to answer your insurance or billing questions and to explain and discuss your diagnoses or treatments, so that you have all the relevant information to make informed decisions. And to feel good about choosing NJ Pain Care Specialists!

We’re Here to Help You

NJ Pain Care Specialists offers a variety of interventional and minimally-invasive procedures to treat and relieve painful conditions, including:

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