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Pain Management Doctors in East Brunswick, NJ

Pain Doctors in East Brunswick

The best way to treat pain isn’t by pretending it will go away. You can access trusted pain management doctors in East Brunswick, NJ, by contacting NJ Pain Care Specialists. If you’re dealing with a recent workplace or automotive accident or have back and neck pain, our specialists may be the solution to get back to your daily routine, including work, gathering with loved ones, and more. 

Body pain commonly occurs in the neck, thoracic and lumbar spine, leaving patients struggling with discomfort. Since the body is a complex machine of muscles, bones, and ligaments, uncovering the cause of pain is sometimes tricky. NJ Pain Care Specialists may determine the potential cause of your pain and recommend the best next steps to treat it. 

You don’t have to get used to suffering without support and long-term care. Work with a pain management specialist in East Brunswick, NJ, today.

Doctors for Car Accidents

According to Forbes, New Jersey was one of the safest states in 2020 for risks of car accidents. However, many people still were injured and had to deal with the pain that followed. Perhaps you’re dealing with an automotive accident and its resulting injuries this year.

If you’re looking for medical support in East Brunswick, NJ, after a car accident, contact acute us.

Work Injuries and Workers’ Compensation Doctors

The National Safety Council found that 4.26 million injuries in 2021 were due to workplace incidents. Many injured employees who work with a workers’ comp doctor in East Brunswick, NJ, feel better after receiving care.

If you experienced a slip and fall at work, a workers’ compensation doctor in East Brunswick, NJ, can assist with recovery.

Doctors for Back Pain

Speaking with one of our pain doctors in East Brunswick, NJ, can help you finally deal with your back problems. According to the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), 577 million people experienced lower back pain in 2017. Individuals with poor posture, a strenuous job, or physical trauma are more likely to experience back pain and need professional support from a back pain doctor.

Your back pain doctor will explore treatment options to help you feel better and experience an improved quality of life. Whether a physician suggests trigger point injections, epidural steroid injections, radiofrequency ablation  or spinal cord stimulation, you get support from a reliable medical professional.

Receive care from a knowledgeable pain management doctor in East Brunswick, NJ, and the nearby areas, and see why our practice is rated so highly.

Doctors for Neck Pain

The neck plays a vital role in connecting the head to the body and holding weight. Some neck injuries can lead to acute pain, paralysis, or pain that extends further down the body and makes mobility difficult. If you’ve recently been in a major accident involving a vehicle or at work, it’s advisable to seek a neck pain doctor to determine what to do.

It’s likely time to visit a neck pain doctor if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • Your pain is only getting worse and becoming unbearable.
  • Your pain travels to the arms, back, or legs.
  • You’re noticing severe neck problems after an accident.

 Our dedicated pain management doctors in East Brunswick, NJ, are unparalleled.

Pain Management Services in East Brunswick

Let a pain management specialist in East Brunswick, NJ, diagnose your condition and find a safe way to eliminate pain. Before determining a treatment option, you can start with a consultation appointment with our team. Award-winning founder of NJ Pain Care Specialists, Dr. Bram, will tackle your issue from every angle and personally meet with you to address numerous types of pain.

The answer to your chronic pain could come from working with our practice. Giving us a call can connect you with effective pain management providers ready to help you return to doing what you love. 

Accepting New Patients Near East Brunswick, New Jersey

Are you ready to take a step toward living a more enjoyable life with less pain? Contact NJ Pain Care Specialists to discuss any pain you’re currently experiencing. We’re proud to have helped many patients experience relief.

Our doctors accept most insurance plans, including workers’ compensation, no-fault, and PIP (personal injury protection). Same-day appointments may be available. At NJ Pain Care Specialists, we aim to assist you with your pain treatment.  Whether it is muscular pain, nerve pain such as sciatica or neuropathic pain like CRPS.  

Besides having outstanding pain management doctors in East Brunswick, NJ, we serve the nearby towns of Oakhurst and Toms River. Schedule an appointment for a consultation by calling 732-800-5062.

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