Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

What is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

CRPS is a chronic and sometimes severe neuropathic (nerve) pain that won’t go away and may spread. Although it is often unexplained, it usually develops in an arm or a leg that has been injured in the past.

What is the Cause of CRPS?

CRPS appears to be an abnormal overreaction when your body has been traumatized in some way – a fracture, sprain, burn or even a medical procedure. Some researchers believe that CRPS is generic. Others think it involves your immune system and nervous system.

What are Symptoms of CRPS?

Burning pain, and pins and needles that may spread from, say, your hand to your entire arm or even your other arm. You may experience abnormal sweating, changes to your hair or nails, or trouble moving your limbs. Your skin color may change, feel warm or cool, or be extremely sensitive to touch.

What are Possible Treatments for CRPS?

From physical therapy for your body to psychotherapy to help you cope with accompanying depression and anxiety. A nerve block might provide relief. Or taking medications – possibly through by a pump that delivers medication directly into the fluid around your spinal cord as needed.

If you are experiencing symptoms of CRPS, contact us at New Jersey Pain Care Specialists to discuss your concerns and any treatments you may have already tried. Dr. Bram will give you the time and attention that is necessary to properly understand and accurately diagnose your condition and to recommend the most advanced, non-invasive, effective and efficient treatment to eliminate or relieve your pain.