Athletes Who Believe In PRP Therapy

I have already written extensively on the benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and its effectiveness in relieving acute or chronic pain by promoting the natural healing potential of the body. Because this treatment is relatively new, there are people in the medical community who have not yet fully endorsed it. But PRP is gaining more and more credibility as many high profile athletes are putting their faith – and lucrative careers – in the benefits of this exciting treatment.

In the past, athletes with certain types of conditions, such as pulled hamstring muscles, rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, muscle strains, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, knee sprains, and knee degeneration were treated with medications, physical therapy, or even surgery. The process was usually long and frustrating, and sometimes unsuccessful.

But today, through the “miracle” of PRP, injured or aging athletes can get back into action much faster – and in many cases, prolong their careers. And because PRP uses the patient’s own blood to jump-start and accelerate the healing process, it is considered a very low-risk procedure.

NBA legend Kobe Bryant, who suffers from degeneration inside the knee, has had several treatments and talked about his personal experience with PRP therapy and how it helped contribute to his ability to play at a high level into his mid-thirties.

Now-retired All-Pro NFL receiver Hines Ward badly injured the medial collateral ligament in his right knee two weeks before the 2009 Super Bowl. The Pittsburg Steelers’ medical staff believed that he would be out for four to six weeks. However, they treated his knee with PRP therapy and Ward went on to become the game’s Most Valuable Player. He gave much of the credit to platelet rich plasma: “I think it really helped me. In order for me to go out there and play in two weeks, I don’t think anyone with a grade-2 M.C.L. sprain gets back that fast.” His teammate Troy Polamalu was also treated with PRP to heal fast enough to play in the big game.


The list of world-renowned athletes who have turned to PRP to get back in action without long-term treatment and extended recovery includes golf great Tiger Woods, tennis stars Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova, baseball players David Ortiz, Mark Teixeirra, Ian Kinsler and many others.

The point of writing about these professional athletes is that they have access to the best and most expensive care in the world, and they are choosing a one-hour, minimally invasive procedure that you can have performed by the skilled doctors at NJ Pain Care Specialists. Please contact us to discuss what PRP can do for you.

At the present time, PRP Treatments are not covered by medical insurance.