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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): Natural Healing for a Range of Conditions

In a recent blog, I wrote about the exciting results we’re getting from Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is a relatively new treatment that relieves acute or chronic pain by promoting the natural healing potential of the body with platelets that are easily taken from your own blood. Following an injury, these platelets are activated and release healing proteins, which help to speed up wound and tissue healing. Many professional athletes and have turned to PRP for vital pain relief and healing without the risks of surgery and extended recovery.

Last time, I presented a brief overview of how the skilled doctors at NJ Pain Care Specialists perform the one-hour, minimally invasive procedure. Now let’s look at some of the specific conditions PRP is being used to treat:

Tendon Pain

Platelet Rich Plasma injections are most effective in the treatment of chronic tendon injuries, especially tennis elbow, a common injury affecting the tendons on the outside of the elbow. PRP is also used for treating other chronic tendon injuries, such as Achilles tendonitis or inflammation of the patellar tendon at the knee; known as jumper’s knee.

Plantar Fasciitis

Chronic plantar fasciitis is a common but occasionally difficult condition to treat successfully. PRP is now being used as an effective option to traditional nonsurgical procedures, which include NSAID medication, rest, physical therapy, heel lifts, controlled ankle motion walkers (CAM), cast immobilization and/or overnight splinting.

Wound Care/Non-Healing Ulcers

For over 20 years, PRP gel has been used to stimulate healing of new wounds as well as chronic ulcers – wounds or open sores that will not heal or keep returning. PRP promotes soft tissue recovery and repair after platelets taken from your own blood are activated and release healing proteins,

At the present time, PRP Treatments are not covered by medical insurance.

About The Author

Picture of Dr. Harris Bram, MD, DABPM

Dr. Harris Bram, MD, DABPM

Dr. Harris Bram is an Interventional Pain Management Specialist in New Jersey. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. His postgraduate training in anesthesia was performed at Hahnemann University Hospital, where he sub-specialized in cardiac anesthesia. He completed his pain management fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.

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