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Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident: When to See a Pain Management Doctor

Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident

Car accidents often result in lower back pain that can significantly hinder your daily life. They can cause severe pain that restricts your mobility and overall quality of life. NJ Pain Care Specialists offers cutting-edge pain-relieving treatment to patients experiencing lower back pain after a car accident that helps reduce discomfort and improve their physical capabilities. 

NJ Pain Care Specialists is New Jersey’s number one choice for professional pain management solutions. We offer a wide range of medical services that help patients eradicate their pain so they can live life to the fullest once again. From natural pain-relieving therapies to trigger point injections in New Jersey, contact NJ Pain Care Specialists.

Effective Lower Back Pain Treatments in New Jersey

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics found that 6.4 million car accidents occurred in the United States between 2016 and 2020. Many car accident victims experienced lower back pain after the collision that required professional medical attention to resolve. Back and spinal cord injuries are some of the most common car accident injuries in the U.S. and cause around 38% of all back injuries, according to the National Library of Medicine.

At NJ Pain Care Specialists, our pain management specialists offer exceptional lower back pain solutions that help New Jersey residents recover after a traumatic car accident. We provide a wide range of auto accident treatment options and develop custom plans designed to curb and eliminate lower back pain, improve mobility, and accelerate healing. Our medical professionals always prioritize your needs and go above and beyond to ensure you receive top-quality treatments that help you live a pain-free life.

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain After a Vehicle Collision

Lower back pain often forms well after a car accident. Nerve pain from herniated disks and discomfort from muscle strains can develop a few days after the collision and interfere with your daily routine. In fact, the National Library of Medicine found that around 60% of car accident victims experience delayed pain after a collision.

The stressful nature of car accidents causes most people to go into “fight or flight” mode, releasing adrenaline that masks pain even if they have a significant injury. Once the adrenaline subsides, severe discomfort can set in, making basic physical activities immensely painful. If you notice any of the following, contact a professional pain management doctor for  treatment:

  • Pain that escalates over time
  • Stiffness
  • Numbness 
  • Tingling
  • Weakness
  • Lower back muscle spasms

Common Lower Back Injuries in New Jersey

Several injuries can cause lower back pain after a car accident, with each injury ranging in severity. Below are a few common back injuries that often result in lower back pain.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Although people are more likely to experience sprains, strains, and other soft tissue injuries within their neck after a car accident, these issues can also affect the lower back. Lower back strains form when the tendons or muscles stretch beyond their limit, causing moderate to severe discomfort. Sprains occur when the lower back ligaments become injured and carry similar symptoms to strains (such as excessive pain, inflammation, and swelling).

Herniated Disks

Severe vehicle collisions can cause a vertebral disk to protrude, rubbing against the spinal cord and causing excessive pain. Medical experts refer to this as a herniated disk, which is common in car collisions.

If you experience any of the following after a car accident, you may have a herniated disk:

  • Lower back discomfort that goes away after several days
  • Tingling or numbness in your feet or legs
  • Pain radiating to one or both legs.

How To Treat Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident

Scheduling an appointment with a pain management specialist is the best way to treat lower back pain after a car accident. They will assess your lower back to determine the source of your discomfort and develop a treatment plan to help you recover quickly and efficiently. Many advise physical therapy and injection treatments and prescribe pain medications to help patients eliminate their pain and accelerate recovery. 

If you experience lower back pain after a car accident in New Jersey and need an experienced pain management doctor to assess your discomfort, contact NJ Pain Care Specialists. Our NJ auto accident doctors accept most insurance plans, including workers’ compensation, no-fault, and PIP (personal injury protection), and same-day appointments may be available. Whether you need epidural steroid injections or physical therapy to relieve your pain, NJ Pain Care Specialists are here for you.

Give NJ Pain Care Specialists a call at (732) 720-0247 and schedule your appointment in New Jersey today!

Frequently Asks Questions

How Long Does Lower Back Pain Last After a Car Accident?

Although lower back pain after a car accident can last anywhere between a few days to years, most people experience discomfort for a few weeks. However, it’s best to visit a doctor after a car accident to evaluate your pain and ensure the injury isn’t severe. Doctors can also provide treatment that can diminish recovery times and eradicate the pain faster.

What Should I Do If My Back Hurts After a Car Accident?

If your back hurts after a car accident, contact a medical professional for a thorough evaluation and pain-relieving treatment.

Does Whiplash Cause Lower Back Pain?

While many people assume whiplash only affects the neck, it can adversely affect your lower back as well. Whiplash can cause significant lower back pain after a car accident while reducing your range of motion.

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