Does PRP Therapy Improve Hair Transplant Success?

If you are suffering from hair loss, there are several procedures and products than can help you sport a new head of hair. You can choose from hair pieces, hair loss medications, or more aggressive surgical hair restoration methods. You can also turn to advances in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy and use your own blood to help you enhance hair volume.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) hair treatment is offered to men and women who want to reverse or prevent further hair loss at early or advanced stages. And, yes, PRP can also bolster the results of hair transplants.

PRP is a concentrated type of plasma that contains five times more than the usual number of platelets in the blood that circulates around your body. Because these platelets are key factors when it comes to tissue regeneration, they are helpful in treating hair loss and aiding in regrowth.

By increasing the platelet count in the scalp area that is “wounded” by a hair transplant, the healing process is facilitated, increasing the survival rate of transplanted hair. It actually maximizes the growth of hair follicles, generating thicker and healthier hair.

How PRP hair treatment works

The procedure we perform at New Jersey Pain Care Specialists with your own blood is “natural” and doesn’t carry the risk of allergy or rejection. Here’s a rundown of the process.

  • A small sample of your blood is taken and placed into a Platelet Concentrate System, which separates the blood into its primary components – platelets and white blood cells, plasma, and red blood cells
  • After a portion of the plasma is removed, the concentrated platelets are mixed with the remaining plasma to form a platelet-rich solution
  • This solution, which is teeming with stem cells and growth factors, is then injected into the scalp using ultrasound guidance to ensure that the needle is positioned properly (Alternately, it can rubbed on the scalp after performing a dermaroller treatment in the areas that suffer from hair loss)
  • The concentrated platelets trigger a natural immune response as specialized white blood cells rush in to remove damaged cells and prepare the tissue for healing
  • Stem cells of the transplanted hair follicles are stimulated, generating thicker and healthier hair growth

The outcome of this procedure is often highly satisfactory with an 80% success rate. Scientific studies have proven that Platelet Rich Plasma promotes the ultimate results for hair transplants.

At the present time, PRP Treatments are not covered by medical insurance.