Stem Cell Therapy: A Natural Solution For Many Conditions   

Stem cell therapy is exciting because it is a natural way to treat people who suffer from a range of conditions: Tennis elbow, knee pain, shoulder pain, Achilles injuries, degenerative disc disease and sports or overuse injuries. This simple outpatient or in office procedure eliminates the need for pain medications and invasive reconstructive surgery.

The experienced doctors at NJ Pain Care Specialists use a quick and relatively painless procedure to harvest stem cells from the millions that live in your body. The cells are processed and then injected into your problem area, where the natural healing process begins.

The cells can be extracted from one of two sources:

  1. Your bone marrow
  1. Fat from the Adipose tissue in your “love handles” or abdomen. (Which is why this relatively new and effective procedure is called “Adipose Stem Cell Therapy.) This is the method used at NJ Pain Care Specialists.

The adult stem cells reproduce quickly and have the potential to restore and repair injured tissue and joints.

Here is what you can expect during the inpatient procedure at NJ Pain Care Specialists:

  • After making sure you’re comfortable and relaxed, we clean and anesthetize the target area
  • Body fat is taken from your mid-section
  • The sample is placed in a centrifuge machine and spun rapidly
  • Concentrated stem cells are then injected directly in the affected area, where they can multiply, repair and rebuild the damaged tissue – an accelerated healing response that reduces pain, promotes increased function and activity

You will be able to go home the same day. Discomfort should be minimal, with some localized pain around the injection site – just as from any other needle. Patients can return to their pre-procedure activity rapidly. Results from stem cell treatment vary from patient to patient. Some patients require multiple treatments

At the present time, Stem Cell Therapy is not covered by medical insurance.