Facet Joint Injections

This precise diagnostic tool can quickly relieve your chronic spine pain and inflammation – anywhere from your neck to your lower back!

  • In preparation for this safe, 20-to-30-minute treatment for Facet Joint Syndrome, our pain management expert numbs the skin and tissue above the facet joint with an injection of local anesthetic.
  • With the aid of an x-ray device called a fluoroscope, the physician guides a needle through the numbed tissue and into the affected facet joint.
  • After confirming the needle’s placement, the physician injects a soothing mixture of numbing anesthetic and anti-inflammatory steroid medication.
  • If the pain subsides, it suggests that the facet joint (or joints) injected were the cause of pain.
  • Up to several months of relief can follow as the steroid reduces inflammation and pain, allowing you to return to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Dr. Harris Bram – a multiple-year TOP DOC – founded NJ Pain Care Specialists in September 2012, bringing the highest levels of pain management care to his patients in Central and Southern New Jersey.

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